Monday, December 22, 2014

Nude Lipsticks!

I have been on a mission looking for nude  lipsticks that are not white but actually nude and creamy and I have found my babies Casanova from Tom Ford and #66  from Yves Saint Laurent. Everything!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey there,

 I always have issues of not finding a lipstick when I need it. Also, my favorite eyebrow brush are usually hidden in between big brushes. This is the reason im so excited to show you my organized mess!

here is a quick way how I organize now everyday essentials, well usually.

The tray holds twelve lipsticks, I put my Mac lipsticks because those are the ones I mostly wear.

Pencil with the highlighter for the brows and spullie.

I put my favorite lashes and mascara to the side.

And my concealor stick standing right in front so I can just grab it.

Making busy moments a little more successful :)

tell me what y'all think?

Photo of a Beautiful woman I did the other day!! 

She had the best eyes and the perfect pout!

she had very dry skin and redness.
I'm all about great skin.

It is important to prep skin and have a really good daily routine I cannot stress! 

I preped her with an instant hydrating moisturizer.

after applied yellow base primer all over and got it good in the red areas.

I used redness solution foundation all over and gave her a moderate coverage that gave her a natural look and gave it the illusion of no red.

As you can tell all her skin needed was a little bit of love and now she is close to Perf!

I also smoked out her eyes with a Chocolate cherry and lots of mascara quick tip fyi to a perfect eye !

 Enjoy! ❤️

Monday, August 25, 2014

Smoked out Eye! Ev-er-y-thang!!!

My first post will dedicated to the Smoky eye! Because to me a well blended smoked out eye is ev-er-y-thang!! so sensual, sexy, glam on a date even to work with any color It's that feeling I get!  I walk out of my house like bam here I am! I guess this picture has me feeling that type of way. Gorgeous!